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This a community for the Halo 3 clan "House of Xalaga"
We (this community) started as a live journal for "Clan The House" and metamorphosized into a new stronger (funner) clan as it merged with (clan) XALAGA.
Clan The House, was based on an old group of friends that started calling themselves "Clan the House" way back in 1995.
XALAGA, was created as a Halo 2 clan, for the members of Xalaga.com.

On May twentyfirst these two clans merged from the minds of two brilliant(go ego, go) gamers

b_of_xalaga XBox Live Gamer Tag: B of Xalaga
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evywp XBox Live Gamer Tag: Forkchop
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Contact info;
Xalaga home: http://xalaga.com/modules/AMS/
Our other Community: xalaga

Overlord, B of Xalaga: B_of_Xalaga@msn.com
On MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/b_of_xalaga

Overlord, Forkchop: Forkchop@Gmail.com
On MySace: http://www.myspace.com/evywp

They(we) realized that it was redundant to have two seperate clans that always played big team battle together but could not play clan matches. They also realized their ego's were small enough that they could share overlordship of one clan.

We as a clan are about having fun, if you can't stand to be defeated, you are sexist, racist, or a couple of other "ist's" don't bother joining. We have some really good members as well as some poor abilitied members(Be Sirius, now known as: B of Xalaga) what we are here for is to have fun. Remember its only a game(one that I'm obsessed with but still).

"No matter how subtle, the enemy is, a plasma sword (or grenade), between the shoulder blades, always cramps their style." -B of Xalaga.

"It takes the whole team to win and it takes the whole team to lose." - Forkchop.

Application for membership,
please copy paste,
and post with an lj-cut,
put an "x" where applicable,
please fill out the questions,
to the best of your ability.

~Xalaga ID name:
~XBL gamer tag:
~All known Gamer Tags:
~Email address:
~Time zone:
-14 and under:
-16, 17:
-18, 19:
-20, 24:
-25, 30:
-31 and over:
~How did you here about us:
~Why do you want to join us:
~Elite or Spartan:
~Weapons of choice;
-Dual wield:
~Do you;
-Mod(modified Xbox):
--Why/Why not:
-Glitch(standby ect.):
--Why/Why not:
~What are the names of the last three clans you were a member of:
~Your thoughts on girl gamers:
~Team strengths;
~Why do you play Halo 3;
~Why do you think you would be,
an asset to the House of Xalaga:

---House of Xalaga, The Clan Rules---

• The House of Xalaga has and will have only 2 Overlords. If you’re planning on raising your status to Overlord, so you can rule the world, we recommend you apply for another clan or make a new one, see the clan forum.
• The Staff is a small, trusted group of players that help keep the clan running smoothly. They must be active on Xbox Live and in Xalaga. It is possible to become Staff, however, these positions are not taken lightly and you will have to prove yourself to earn it and keep it.
• Members will be able to invite people to the clan, but the hopefuls will automatically enter as a Peon. They will have to come to Xalaga.com, fill out the application and play with the Overlord and/or Staff in order for a status change to Member.
• If complaints about your behavior/cheating/rudeness etc, come to our attention, you will be demoted to Peon immediately. A PM trough Xalaga will explain the reason behind your demotion. This will last as long as we see fit.
• If you have a complaint, it should be submitted to the Overlord and/or Staff through either PM’s on Xalaga, or a message through XBL. We won’t demote someone because you don’t like him/her, so you better have a valid reason. We will not look kindly upon baseless complaints that waste both your and our time.
• We reserve the right to promote or demote our members as we see fit. If behavior warrants it, removal from the clan will be determined by the Overlord and Staff as a committee. The reasons for removal will be communicated to the former member, but kept private. We also reserve the right to change these rules and regulations without previous notice.
• If you have been removed from the clan, it does not mean that you are removed from the site and/or future Xalaga clans for other games. A removal may be temporary. So, if you feel that you have been removed unfairly or would like to right your wrong, PM the Overlord and/or Staff about it.

~Do you know and understand our rules:


~B of Xalaga~

DOCTORMED (trainer)
configgarayshun (Ex: trainer)
NoodleDiggity (Ex: enforcer)
Pinkranger69 (Ex: trainer)
Vandorendra (enforcer)


HoX Alpha
HoX Beta
HoX Bravo
HoX Charlie
HoX Cobra
HoX GayRobot
HoX Jade Falcon
HoX Juggernaut

Statement, Subject GayR0b0t:
The (HoX)GayR0b0t's are the elite shock troops of the Xalaga legions. All "Sieges" must hold a degree in geek history or computer programming as well as being in top videogame playing condition. Final stages of training take place in the deepest recesses of Xalaga headquarters and is purported to involve an intiation ceremony too hideous for description.

GayR0b0ts are to precious to be wasted on the conventional battle field. They are dispersed about the world in deep cover, assuming apparently normal appearances and life-styles.

Watch out.
That friendly new neighbor of yours might just have a pink motherboard hanging in their closet...

The Fred series (for Halo 2 its the GayR0b0t) was from the comic G.I.JOE, its reference is based on a group of these elite troopers (the Crimson Guards{a subgroup of Cobra}, think of a 5th column or the 7th column) that were physically altered to look like each other (think Master Chief) so if one died another could take his place. One such Fred known as Fred 7(Be) decided he wanted more. In an act of anger and frustration shot the commander of Cobra(Cobra Commander) in the back. Killing him and leaving a vacuum in the leadership position of Cobra(HoX). Fred 7 seeing his one chance to be more than a lacky, took up the mantle of Cobra Commander. Creating for himself a new life and new identity, breaking the mold of the Fred series (every other Master Chief). Creating a new chapter in the world(Xbox Live) of these stories.
House of Xalaga/GayR0b0t/Jade Falcon, are inspired by these story in our efforts to be the best at Halo 3.

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"Just bring it!"
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